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some light housekeeping

December 1, 2009

We just arrived back from a trip to Oklahoma and Illinois visiting family and celebrating Thanksgiving. Though a bit tired and with a husband feeling slightly sick we have managed to pull off one of the more successful trips so far. I have laundry sorted and I am in the process of getting it washed and most everything else is put away. The house was cleaned before we left so my week has started off well in that regard…

There just hasn’t much time for the blog! And not because I don’t desire to be on here. I have actually been pleasantly surprised so far…this has been an enjoyable experiment.

There are random bits of items that I have wanted to address and articulate so here is some light housekeeping:

1. As I mentioned I have really enjoyed blogging so far. There is no shortage of ideas or inspirations at this point and I’ve noticed there is always something cooking up in my brain…but no time to get it past that point! My priorities have to be in check and blogging falls behind a number of things. So please bear with me as I learn (and struggle) to keep the first things first.

2. I found an amazingly practical mind-blowing idea recently. If you know me personally you already know I love, love, love to give and wrap gifts. I am a firm believer that the way in which you wrap a gift should be and is part of the gift itself.

So then here comes this “mind-blowing” idea – which may be an exaggerated term but then it may not be. I am, after all, a bit nuts about this wrapping thing. Do you, like most people, use tape to wrap your presents? Stop. Use a glue stick. You will never, never look back.

3. Speaking of wrapping…I am thinking about doing a post on how to wrap Christmas presents with class and on a budget. One of my highlights every Christmas season is getting to pick out the year’s theme for gift wrap (and I’m sure this sends me into the category of “nerd” but I stopped caring about that long ago). Of course I just blew what would be the main point of the post (think GLUE STICK) but you’re still interested, right?!

This year I have decided to NOT pick out a new theme and to use up what I already have. A challenge for sure…but I’m thinking it will be the best year yet. We keep things simple around here and so the gifts are not great in number but they won’t be short of care and forethought. If you are having a simple Christmas this year don’t despair! Just because money is short does not mean you can’t have an aesthetically pleasing holiday…”poverty” does not need to undermine beauty. Can you see where this is going? I’m getting all fired up…

Christmas 2008

4. Moving on…I’ve been a part of some great conversations lately. I also feel as if the Lord is revealing some really important, big ideas to me. It’s all very, very exciting and I’m so eager to grow in intimacy and knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Something very heavy on my heart lately is that I need to be praying for wisdom. I love that in the book of James it says that we can ask for wisdom and God will give it. So I am asking…

5. We are selling our nice, newer car and God (through our home group) has provided an older, smaller car. It. is. beautiful. We are going to call this new old little Kia Rio our debt free limousine.

6. I’m not a saint. Don’t get me wrong. Driving our Toyota is much, much different than driving the Kia…which I can’t even say I have experienced yet because I have to learn to drive “stick” with this new old Kia first. There is sure to be more on that later. If there is any sort of image idol wrapped up in the Toyota (which by the way we can’t afford to keep) it will need to be dealt with. Everything the Toyota is the Kia isn’t. And vice verse. Most importantly the Kia is what God has graciously delivered to us in our need and we know that we know that we know that THAT is truly a gift and we will be driving around a car that God has hand-picked for HIS purposes, HIS will, and HIS plan.

6. I’ve always been a fanatic about clean car interiors. The Kia is not so much clean…SO in marches that God given determination. I’m going to clean this car up, personalize it, and make it shine. It will truly be our debt-free limousine in every way. Even if it has the cheesy, really tinted windows that only young 20 year old guys who think they are cool have…at least the toddlers get to ride in the dark even during the day. Life is good.

Are you interested in seeing before and after pictures? I’ll try to get that up. First I have to clean it…

7. There is more. There will be always more. But I need to fold laundry. Gosh, that stuff just follows me around! I’ll be back with more randomness later. I haven’t really been on the computer all week so I have a lot of catching up to do.

If you are reading and you know me let me know! I’m curious to know who is peeking in, and I’m eager to catch up with those that I haven’t talked to in a while! If you are reading and you don’t know me…well, I’ll just say I’m sorry ahead of time. And thanks for stopping by even if you never come back! I’m amazed that I get “clicks” and that people are viewing this site. All two of you! 🙂 Really, in all seriousness, I am really enjoying this and appreciate all the encouragement from my dear friends.

Love you all!

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  1. December 3, 2009 3:45 pm

    I am so eager for the gift wrapping tutorial, I am LACKING big time in my gift wrapping skills. I also am really excited about your new car and can’t wait to see it. I thought about you a lot while I was in Kentucky. Glad you all had a good trip.

  2. December 18, 2009 9:56 pm

    Hi Jen! It’s nice to hear from you. I’m in Dallas.

    I’m totally going to try your glue stick tip!

    • thereformedwoman permalink*
      December 21, 2009 11:20 pm


      I figured as such – the Dallas part. We’re just outside of Dallas county but are in Dallas often for church and such.

      The glue stick! I was admittedly skeptical. I have been a double sided tape gal for a few years…but then I tried it and I was immediately surprised by how much easier it makes the whole process. I no longer feel as if I need a few more hands…and it stays together well and comes apart well. Can’t ask for more! I have found the regular old school glue – the purple stick kind – to be the best.

      Thank you for visiting! I’m just starting out on this blogging journey and haven’t found my groove yet! I’ve been reading blogs for a while though and I have enjoyed reading your blog for well over a year!

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